Patsy Kensit    I’m Not Scared

A-Ha    Blood Moves the Body

A-Ha    Stay on these Roads

ACDC    New York City

ACDC    Satellite Blues

ACDC    Stiff Upper Lip

ACT    Snobbery and Decay

All About Eve

Andrew Ridgley   Red Dress

Appleton   Don’t Worry

Aslan    Lately

Atomic Kitten     So Long Ago   

Baby Face   This is for the Cool

Bananarama Nathan Jones

Bananarama Help

Bananarama      I Cant Help It

Bananarama   I want You Back

Bandits   2 Step Rock

Belinda Carlisle    La Luna

Bewitched    Jesse Hold On

Billie Piper   Something Deep

Billy Joel   Downeaster Alexa

Billy Joel   River of Dreams

Blow Monkeys   Celebration

Blue    Breathe

Blue    One Love

Bobby Brown Whitney Houston

Bobby Brown 

Bon Jovi   Aint a Love Song

Bros      I Quit

Bros      Drop the Boy

Bros      I Owe You Nothing

Carmel   Every Little Bit

Cathy Dennis    Another Dream

Cleopatra   I Want

Climie Fisher     Facts of Love

Climie Fisher    Fire on Ocean

Communards   For a Friend

Coverdale Page     Take Me…

D-A-D    Sleeping My Dad

Darius   Girl in the Moon

Daniel Beddingfield   Words

Daniel Beddingfield   Heart

Dead or Alive  Count to 10

Duran Duran  Violence of  ..

Emma  Bunton  Free Me

Elton John   Don’t let the Sun

Elton John You Gotta Love Someone

Human League Heart like a Wheel

Human League   Tell Me When

Eric B & Rakim

F Machine  Runaway Train

Flesh for Lulu  I Go Crazy

Fun Loving Criminals

George Michael    Too Funky

George Michael    Monkey

Girl Thing  Last One Standing

The Godfathers

Guns n Roses   Don’t Cry

Guns n Roses  November Rain

Guns n Roses      Estranged

Gun  Inside Out

H  & Claire    Half a Heart

Hot House Flowers   I’m Sorry

Jodie Watley  I want You

Paul McCartney  Figure of 8

Phil Collins   Can’t Stop Loving

Keisha White  Don’t Fall a Woman

Paul McCartney  Hope Deliverance

Phil Collins   

Matt Bianco    Don’t Blame it on ..

Pat Benetar       One Love

PreFab Sprout   Cars & Girls

Michael Jackson & Slash

Perfect Day    Jane

PreFab Sprout   Atlantis

PreFab Sprout   King of Rock n Roll

Extreme Get The Funk Out

Richard Ashcroft   C’mon People

Richard Ashcroft Science of Silence

Ronan Keating Cant find the Words

Sugababes      Red Dress

S Club 7      Don’t Stop Moving

S Club 7      Natural

Script Polliti   Love Sick

Script Polliti   Oh Patti

Sheena Easton Comes Naturally

Simple Minds Wall of Love

Simple Minds Mandela Day

Simple Minds     Kick it In

Simple Minds  Let it all Come Down

Simple Minds  Sign of the Times

Simple Minds  This is Your Land

Simple Minds  Alive & Kicking

Simple Minds  Belfast Child

Simply Red       Fake

Simply Red       For Your Babies

Simply Red  Something got me Started

Spandau Ballet   Free with Love

Spandau Ballet   Crashed into Love

Spice Girls  Holla

Tanita Tikaram

Tears for Fears Woman in Chains

Tears for Fears    Advise for the Young 

Then Jericho  Was Does It Take

Tina Turner  Steamy Windows

Top Loader   For a While

Transmission Vamp Baby I don’t 

Transmission Vamp Sister Moon

Transmission Vamp The Only One

Transmission Vamp I Want Love

Triple 888   Knockout

UB40 Slowtrain Coming

VanHalen    Finish What You ..

VS   I Wanna Love You

Wang Chung  New God

Wet Wet Wet

Wet Wet Wet  Wishing I was..

Will Young